In, the romanization of the Korean word, ,  translates to human.

We are a human-centric hospitality group focused on exploring contemporary Korean culture & narratives. Of course a book is not the only ally wanted in this world — but arguably the best. Portable. Stackable. Focused. Infinitely reliable and wholly self sufficient. What else in this world speaks as much and keeps as quiet.

We specialize in:
  • Production
  • Management
  • Menu Consulting
  • Renewal Consulting
  • Visual Design


MAR 2020.
︎︎︎    Hanchic Established

APR 2020.
︎︎︎    Accolade
︎︎︎    Accolade

MAY 2020.
︎︎︎    Accolade
︎︎︎    Accolade

JUN 2020.
︎︎︎    Accolade
︎︎︎    Accolade